Podcasts & Seminars

From time to time we run some helpful teaching sessions and seminars. From digging into some systematic theology to getting to grips with more hands-on practical theology - we try to cover a wide range of topics that will help us to know and love God, and one another, more.



Church Weekend Away 2023

Audio from the talks on the biblical theme of Joy, led by Rob Jones at our Church Weekend Away 2023.


The Person & Work of the Holy Spirit

Autumn 2022

The Holy Spirit is a vital part of the Christian life but so often we can be confused about who he is and his role in our lives. What should we expect from him?


The World of Work

Summer 2021

How to do we connect our faith and our work? Ian Jones helps us to think about this through a series of bitesize videos.


Technology and the Christian

Autumn 2020

A short series of conversations about how Christians should think about technology.